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At Success Printing and Mailing, Inc. we specialize in PURA compliance direct mail correspondence. We can help your company stay in compliance while saving you time and money. All electric suppliers licensed in Connecticut must follow legislative mandates established under Public Act 14-75.

[1]  Take advantage of our expertise in PURA direct mail correspondence. The main compliance forms that we produce for electric suppliers are.

  1. End of Fixed Rate Plan. This form is required to be provided to customers no later than 30-60 days before the end date of the Plan.
  2. Variable Rate Notification. Required to be provided to customers at least 45 days before assessing a Variable Rate Plan.
  3. 25% Rate Increase Notice. Required to be provided to customers at least 15 days prior to the effective date of a new rate.

You can view a sample of the form by clicking on the title.

When we fulfill your mailing, you will get a dated USPS delivery receipt as proof of mailing to verify compliance.  We also utilize the USPS Full Service Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) to confirm when each piece was delivered to your customer. We are also one of the few printers in the State who are approved for “Mail Anywhere” with a rating of 92 or better. This allows us to drop our mail at the DSCF (Destination Sectional Carrier Facility) for faster mail delivery and larger postal discounts.

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Your mailing list will be processed utilizing our sophisticated mailing software, it will be NCOA certified to ensure delivery accuracy and the lowest possible postage rates.

In addition to the USPS Postal Receipt, we will upload a digital copy of the files to a location of your designation. Document management is a critical part of PURA regulatory compliance. We have updated our software to enable us to create a unique barcode with specific FolderName and/or FileName designations. We have had a lot of success using BarCode Director for the scanning of barcoded documents. The method you and your company use to manage documents is uniquely your own, so we will work with you to ensure that the transfer process runs smoothly and accurately.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about our services you can visit us at www.successprint.com. I can be reached at 203.513-8260 Or email me at  Jason@successprint.com


[1] PURA Docket No 130718y

For the complete document you can CLICK HERE.