Client data is handled in a sensitive and confidential manner. Our employees are trained to work with client data and they understand the importance of handling this data in a specific confidential manner.

All employees’ workstations are log-in password protected and each client data folder is password protected. Only the employees selected to work with client data will have the passwords to access the client data files.

All company employees’ must sign a non-compete, non-disclosure, confidentiality agreement. Stating that they will not distribute, share, send, or disseminate client data in any way.

Employees do not save client data to their personal workstation hard drives or email program. Client data is only stored on our internal, password protected server.

Employees do not leave their workstations without logging off their workstation. In the event an employee does walk away, after two minutes of inactivity the computer automatically logs them off.

Data files emailed to us are downloaded and saved on our internal, password protected server in a client specific folder for use on the current project. Once the project is complete the data files get backed up to a secure password protected server that uses data encryption technology.

When a data file is uploaded (by the client) to our Secure FTP encrypted (SFTP) server, we download it onto our internal, password protected server and it is stored in a client specific folder.

These folders on our internal server are only accessed by certain essential employees that have been given authorized access and passwords.

The mailing software program that is used in our mailing dept. is password protected and the employee’s workstation is password protected.

Client data is sent via our internal network to the production mailing machines that will be processing the data and printing the file. These machines do not store the data on a hard drive, they use the data and then it is deleted upon job completion.

Our internal server that stores client data is password protected. Our secure off-site backup server is password protected and uses high security data encryption technology. Our Firewall uses the latest encryption technology available to be protected against intrusions, viruses, and hackers. The server is hidden in a secure location within our building.