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 At Success Printing and Mailing, Inc. we specialize in Welcome Kits and Welcome Letters. A prompt, professional Welcome Kit is the best way to ensure that your new customer knows they can be comfortable doing business with your company. Typically a Welcome Kit would include:

  • A sincere thank you with specifics on what they signed up for
  • Reassurance that they made a fantastic decision
  • A summary of what they just ordered
  • Helpful information and features they might like
  • What will happen next
  • Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Any legal documents related to the product or service

If your industry requires you to send written notices out to all of your new clients, Success Printing and Mailing, Inc. will provide you with a delivery receipt from the USPS. We will also upload a digital copy of each letter to your FTP site for your reference.

Are you including a Promotional Gift with your Welcome Kit? We can custom produce a variety of very popular promotional items such as portable phone chargers, USB Flash Drives, Gift Cards, and more. To check out some of our Promotional Products, Please CLICK HERE.