Foil Stamping and Embossing

At Success Printing and Mailing, Inc. we specialize in foil stamping. We are well known as the areas’ premier foil stamper. Our hot foil stamping presses can stamp traditional Gold and Silver, as well as any other color foil available. We can also stamp Holographic foils.  Foil stamping and embossing adds a classic touch to any product we produce. Our most popular foil stamped products are pocket folders, business cards, letterheads, and booklet covers. We have been perfecting our technique for more than 25 years.

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In addition to foil stamping, we also are equipped to do embossing (image is raised up) and debossing (image is lowered down).  Embossing is a favorite for invitations, as well as business cards and letterheads.

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To give your project a different look, check out we. We can also emboss (raise up) or deboss (lower down) your company logo or any other shape/design onto your printed sheets. Embossing or debossing adds an element of flair that printing alone cannot achieve. For example, corporate stationery, pocket folders, and business cards with an embossed or debossed logo adds distinction to the company’s image.







Use the best of both worlds with combination stamping. Combination stamping is when you emboss and foil stamp in one operation. Adding this to your project can bring a whole new level of distinction and class traditional printing alone cannot provide. Business cards, pocket folders, and corporate stationery are often the first impression that a new client will get from you and your company. Click HERE to see a video of a Kluge Foil Stamper in action.