On July 9th, new postage rates will take effect. If you have a mailing, you can call us at 203-847-1112 or email us at joe@successprint.com to see how we can help save you money. Our state of the art mailing software lets us get the lowest possible postage for your project.

First-Class Mail

Savings for Metered letters remain at 3ยข per letter. Also, savings for Certified Mail with electronic return receipt increases to $1.35 with no volume requirements.

  • 1-ounce Letters increase to $0.66
  • 1-ounce Metered Letters increase to $0.63
  • 1-ounce Flats increase to $1.35
  • Postcards increase to $0.51
  • Additional ounce rate for Letters and Flats remains $0.24
  • Certified Mail fee increases to $4.35
    • Total 1-ounce Certified Mail cost increases to $8.53 for Retail Return Receipt (Green Card) (metered)
    • Total 1-ounce Certified Mail cost will be $7.18 for electronic Return Receipt(metered)

Other Services

  • Single Piece Library Mail increases to $3.72 up to 1lb
  • Single Piece Media Mail increases to $3.92
First-Class Mail
Product Current Price Jul 2023
1oz. Letter $0.63 $0.66
1 oz. Letter (metered) $0.60 $0.63
Postcards $0.48 $0.51
1 oz. Flats $1.26 $1.35
Additional Ounce $0.24 $0.24


Certified Mail
Extra Services Current Price Jul 2023
Certified Mail $4.15 $4.35
Return. Receipt Retail $3.35 $3.55
Return. Receipt Electronic $2.10 $2.20