Success Printing and Mailing has been in business for over 33 years. During that time, the most
dramatic changes in our industry have been in technology and in efforts to “Go Green”.

Gone are the days when you would walk into a printing plant and be overwhelmed by the fumes from
toxic chemicals. Today’s technologically advanced printing equipment uses fewer chemicals and
creates virtually no waste byproducts. The manufacturers of ink and pressroom chemicals have done
their part in reducing the hazardous components and the volatile organic compound content of their
products. Most ink used today in commercial printing is vegetable oil based. This has helped in
keeping our pressrooms odor free and more importantly, healthier and less damaging to our planet.
As the modernization of printing continues to advance, the environment wins. Not too many years
ago printing was performed using lead type that was toxic to the operator and if not disposed of
properly to fish and other wildlife. Printing plates formerly required plastic negatives that were
processed in developer and fixer solutions that needed to be disposed of by hazardous waste
companies. Now, all of our aluminum printing plates are imaged on a laser platesetter that produces
zero waste and uses no chemicals. Our used aluminum plates and all waste paper including
corrugated get recycled. We recently upgraded our overhead lighting in our entire 6,800 square foot
building to high efficiency fluorescent fixtures that use significantly less electricity.
Success Printing and Mailing recently took a huge step toward becoming a leader in the “Green”
printing revolution by installing a Xerox iGen Digital Printing Press. The advantage of this
technology : no waste, no chemicals, no odor, no volatile organic compounds, and it is energy
efficient! Compared to the equivalent offset press it uses far less electricity. The iGen also reduces
the need for waste paper to set jobs up, so we use much less paper. The heat it generates is normally
vented outside. During the winter it’s redirected into our printing plant to save oil.
Paper manufacturing in the United States has become increasingly environmentally conscious. It is
not enough today to buy paper labeled “Recycled”; we also have to make sure the paper
manufacturer is doing their part to sustain our forests. Many companies have made a serious
commitment to conserve our planet’s trees and other natural resources; some are using wind power
to produce paper. There are now several organizations such as “FSC” Forest Stewardship Council,
“SFI” Sustainable Forestry Initiative, The Rain Forest Initiative and “PEFC” Program for the
Endorsement of Forest Certification whose sole mission is to protect our planet. They have specific
guidelines for the paper manufacturers to adhere to. They are independent, non-governmental, not
for profit organizations established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.
Because of our commitment to the environment, Success Printing and Mailing whenever possible
uses paper that is manufactured by the companies that have adopted the guidelines of these types
of organizations.